February 24, 2011

I was in a bit of denial about how drastic our move to a new, better neighborhood would impact our apartment size. I knew it would be smaller, and I knew it would be more expensive but if I were really thinking about it I would have prepared financially for the new furniture I would suddenly have to purchase to make the space livable. This left us with one option: Ikea.

When I think of Ikea I think of the Expedit bookshelf. Everyone has one and has used it one hundred different ways. We bought ours as a room divider between the kitchen and living/sleeping area of our studio apartment. I’m in the process of organizing it to make it look good but also very, very functional since our apartment lacks storage. Cube by Cube I’m going along to fill it with books, extra coffee cups and serving glasses, food storage containers, and even pantry items. The worst part is when I think I’m done but then realize that something just isn’t working where it is and have to start all over.

Take Ivy Expedit

Take Ivy Expedit

This is one of many book cubes. Take Ivy is a prep style book I got for my birthday. Published in 1965, it follows the styling of preppy college kids in the Ivy League. It was originally published in Japanese and I love that Ivy League frats were influencing the style of kids all the way in Japan. It’s mostly men but I still value the influence and comb through the pages to see all the varieties of polo shirts and loafers. It sits facing out, right when you walk in the door. I’ll probably rotate the books for this choice spot but for now I love seeing this Ivy covered prep right when I walk in.

In the meantime, I’m going to sit and stare at my collection of books. Something I do too often now that they are all on display in the center of the room.

I think I like it that way.