How to keep up with a blog.

January 23, 2011

I didn’t start this to make a couple posts and then allow it to sit out in the webisphere neglected.
I don’t have any good excuses but I have been conquering 2011 with new goals and adventures. These have been distracting, more distracting and time consuming than I had imagined. I’m moving and looking for a job and trying to take a beloved hobby to the next level.
All this has been going through my head and I’ve been thinking about this site a lot. I think I’ll branch out beyond cooking and drinking a bit so that it is something I know I will keep up with. I’ll still always be cooking and drinking but lately the emphasis has been more on drinking and more on cheap wine and beer due to budget restraints. Not something I have felt like sharing.

This post is more of a motivational speech for myself than anything else. I have good things to look forward to soon once I get used to the more hectic rhythm of life I’ve been experiencing.